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Grief + Creativity

heARTmaking & Education:

helping you find creative approaches to grief + life experiences

Join in and share your heART!

Creative Approaches To Grief Experiences, a group exhibit, will be at the Heron’s Nest Two Wall Gallery on Vashon Island in March 2017. Have questions? Just be in touch!  The following artists will be joining us:

Brian Fisher

Adrienne Edmonson

Cara Briskman

Swaneagle Fitzgerald

Irene Otis

Hawk Jones

Sooze de Bloom

Sherene Zolno

Deb Pierce McCabe

Kara LC Jones

Suzanna Leigh

Rachel LordKenaga

Lori Kay

Jenn Reidel

John Schuh

Barbara Gustafson

Cyra Jane

Roxy Hathaway

Rose Belknap

Jessika Satori

Lin Holley

Jayne Quig

Kathryn Tonnessen

Patricia Toovey  

Jean Echevarria

Huh? “Join In”?

“Join In” means that we periodically open projects where artists can sign up for spots to swap art, contribute to collaborative publications like books or card decks, or be in group exhibits.

Previous collaborations: