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Mrs. Duck and the Woman

“This book is a gift from the heart of a poet and mother ... With powerful words, Kara Jones describes the grief of a mother... and offers compassionate help … ‘Mrs. Duck and the Woman’ is a small masterpiece.”

~Elisabeth Hallett
Author of "In the Newborn Year" and "Soul Trek"

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PDF is approx. 468kb, over 90 pages of Expanded Mrs. Duck eBook: Story + Resource Articles, released by KotaPress, 10 digit ISBN 1-929359-21-7; 13 digit ISBN 978-1-929359-21-9.

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Mrs. Duck and The Woman is a story about the death of a child and how parents start over again after that loss. Through a dialogue between Mrs. Duck and Mrs. Woman, we find the beginning clues of how to start transforming the grief.