Little BEings IV


Original artwork, 16×20 wrapped canvas abstract painting, ready to hang, artist signed and dated.

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Acrylic painting with abstract background and a BEing in the foreground looking out a windowTo give you a better look and feel for this piece, please see the video at:

This series of “The BEings” came out of a year of experiences in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals for surgeries and recovery. In my experience as a Spoonie, the chronic illness path involves standing inside lots of institutional buildings looking out of windows as we wait. Wait for consult. Wait our turn. Wait for meds to kick in or wear off. Wait. Wait. Wait. These BEings came as I was doing much of that waiting and tried to help me see that there is more happening in life, inside my very BEing, in the imagination than just waiting. It was helpful to vision, sketch, engage creatively to get through all the waiting, and once I was able to be back in the Studio, I created each of these pieces as a way to share “The BEings” with others.

If you have any questions about this piece, please feel free to be in touch with me.

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