Red Turquoise Asemic Abstract Nests II


Original artwork, 6×8 wrapped canvas abstract painting, ready to hang, artist signed and dated.

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Abstract painting with various shapes in red and turquoise colors with asemic style writing shaping a nestTo give you a better look and feel for this piece, please see the video at:

This series came out of a bit of an obsession I had/have around abstracts and asemic writing. For me, the idea of having to always find language that makes sense to describe grief or love or life or death is a challenging one. I find rather that my grief has the shape of language. It has the shape of words maybe. But often that shape doesn’t translate into literal, straight forward meaning. So asemic writing having the shape of language but no particular semantic content or meaning, means that I can create things that feel like the shape of grief or love or life or death without having to define or prescribe about my own experiences, AND whatever I create is open to your experiential interpretation rather than having my experience transcribed onto your experience.

If you have any questions about this piece, please feel free to be in touch with me.

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