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So glad you are interested in checking out the Grief + Creativity Podcast! I’m kind of a Scanner, so this series is a bit irregularly offered 🙂 But I will keep this list updated as new casts get posted, so if you want to bookmark this page, it will be reliable way to get to all the cast. Thank you for listening and for the tips and cups of coffee you send. <3

Podcast: Wanting to feel included but then be excused from participating…

  • This episode’s topic explores more of the social-relational and self care aspects of the grief experience. It came out of my realizations that I wanted to be invited to things after our son died because I wanted to feel included (vs. feeling people were avoiding me because grief was scary to them). AND in the same breath, I wanted to be excused, no guilt nor shame about it, when I turned down the invitation because I couldn’t handle “happy la-la” any longer. So this episode tackles how we might realize new needs and how to create new priorities so those needs are met while being gentle on ourselves and those we love.

Podcast: Social and relational changes in the face of grief (aka my interest in fellow humans is very different now!)

  • The topic covered in today’s podcast is one from the series I called “Grief Truths” which were difficult truths to deal with in the face of grief. In this particular truth, I was wrestling with something like, “For them to like me, I have to like them, but I’m not really interested anymore.” It was a space of realizing that grief was having an impact on my social and relational experiences, and in that realization, acknowledging that creative curiosity could be a very helpful tool.

Podcast: Resiliency + Grief (aka I got out of bed because I had to pee)

  • In today’s podcast, the focus is on resiliency during grief experiences. The biggest find in terms of resiliency, for me personally, came creatively. And the definition of creativity expanded beyond mere art-making, leading me to discover the heARTmaking of my still living, breathing body, even in the face of a grief I thought would break me.

Podcast: When Small Talk Is No Small Matter

  • This podcast is exploring how even the most tiny of things can get shaken and require us to make new meaning in the aftermath of grief. Small talk becomes no small matter for some us having grief experiences, and so in this episode

Podcast: Grief and Showing Up…

  • This podcast is exploring how we show up during grief experiences. Showing up, just as a human in general, can be challenging, but when you add grief experiences to the mix, what happens?

Podcast: Grief and Storytelling

  • Do you think of storytelling as plot, character, denouement? Storytelling in reference to the grief experience can be so much more than form! Today’s podcast explores how we can break open the idea of storytelling to understand our experiences for ourselves, but also to have our experiences move beyond the cultural obsession with, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! What happened?” where we all get stuck in just the death story, the death moment.

Podcast: Grief and Invisibility (pondering #DayWithoutAWoman strike)

  • For International Women’s Day and as I pondered the #DayWithoutAWoman strike, I ended up deciding to launch what I hope to develop into a GriefAndCreativity Dot Com podcast. Today’s topic is “Grief and Invisibility” as it came up for me around thinking and dreamstate leading into this strike day.

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