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Sometimes looking at grief straight on is a difficult thing. I think the idea of objectivity is myth in the best of circumstance (because I don't see how we can ever be anything but subject to our own culture, education, environ, etc), but when you throw grief in the...

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Grief+Creativity Podcast

So glad you are interested in checking out the Grief + Creativity Podcast! I'm kind of a Scanner, so this series is a bit irregularly offered 🙂 But I will keep this list updated as new casts get posted, so if you want to bookmark this page, it will be reliable way to...

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Yes! I did work + study at Mister Rogers Neighborhood

I know it's really easy to make jokes about the pace and tone of the Neighborhood shows and materials they offer -- especially in a world today that is so fast paced and technology based. But I spent several years studying Fred Rogers' work and if you just take the...

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