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Helping you find creative approaches to grief + life experiences
through personal + professional classes, mentorship coaching, books, art, blog artcles, and podcasts. You are not alone.

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Are you personally grieving?

In small group classes, I offer space for you to personally explore your relationship to your grief experiences. My hope for every participant is that they come away exploring creatively in ways that go beyond the limitations of universal methods such as stages or tasks. Through a variety of malleable creative approaches, I hope you will see that creativity is yours for the taking to make or re-make meaning and agency in your life to live heART-fully in the face of grief.

Are you a helping professional?

While I can work with you over at the Creative Grief Studio through their Certification program, I am also available to you here via Professional Mentorship. Here you will have opportunities to get unstuck in your creative practice by maintaining and enhancing your skills; exercising your resiliency and resourcefulness; tapping into innovative ideas to get beyond the limitation of "stages" and "closure." Learn to use experiential, personal development to fuel your professional growth.

Want heART-full resources?

Looking for more resources to understand how grief + creativity partner to help support both the individual and relational experiences we have with grief? No problem! I've got lots of resources custom made for you via articles, books, art, and our Grief+Creativity Podcast. In all the resources, I do the best I can to share some of my personal / professional experience + ideas on how you might apply various creative tools to your life + work.

What People Are Saying

“Kara’s visualizations and experiential exercises helped me work through my emotions creatively, bringing me out of my own downward spiraling mind and opening me to my own depth and aliveness at a very difficult time in my life, simultaneously connecting me to a virtual community.”

Aliza Rothman Labowitz

Art Therapist

“Oh. This is DIVINE. I’m reading Kara’s book: 1000 Permissions Granted. Thank you Kara for this amazing work and gift. This is one of those books to gift to someone as a powerful reminder.”

Staci Jordan Shelton

Breaker of Chains, StaciShelton.com

“I have had the pleasure of having Kara as one of my educators for over four years. Kara has powerfully shown me her down to earth nature, her straightforward manner, her leading edge ideas and social justice philosophy. I highly recommend her as a teacher.” #artfulheart

Rob Halfyard

RSW, Founder of ResourcefulFutures.org



Sometimes looking at grief straight on is a difficult thing. I think the idea of objectivity is myth in the best of circumstance (because I don't see how we can ever be anything but subject to our own culture, education, environ, etc), but when you throw grief in the...

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Grief+Creativity Podcast

So glad you are interested in checking out the Grief + Creativity Podcast! I'm kind of a Scanner, so this series is a bit irregularly offered 🙂 But I will keep this list updated as new casts get posted, so if you want to bookmark this page, it will be reliable way to...

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Yes! I did work + study at Mister Rogers Neighborhood

I know it's really easy to make jokes about the pace and tone of the Neighborhood shows and materials they offer -- especially in a world today that is so fast paced and technology based. But I spent several years studying Fred Rogers' work and if you just take the...

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