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3 Card Creative Reading using the 1000 Faces Deck


Hi! I’m Kara Jones, the host behind GriefAndCreativity.com, and it would be my pleasure to do a 3 card reading for you using my own handmade deck derived from a subset of images in the 1000 Faces art project. 

Below are details about what happens after you make your purchase here. But don’t feel like you have to scramble and write everything down or remember it. Once your purchase is cleared, you’ll get a link to download a PDF titled “Your Reading: next steps” that will have all this information for you in one handy spot!

If you don’t want to pay with PayPal, go to the cart when you are done shopping and you’ll find a credit card option there!



In your “next steps” PDF, you’ll get more details about this process, but essentially, here’s what happens after your purchase:

  1. You email me with “Reading” in the subject line to indicate if you want a general or specific reading. If I do not get this email from you within 24 hours of your purchase here, I’ll pull cards and do a general reading for you.
  2. Within 2 business days after you send me the above email, I’ll send you card images, layout, and minimum of 600 word reading as a PDF attachment in reply to your original email.
  3. After you receive your reading, you have another 2 business days to email me back with ONE follow up message that I try to answer within another 2 business days.
  4. If, after that ONE follow up, you have other questions or want more support, you can email me again to schedule a $75, one-hour, Zoom consult.

Please note, I am NOT a fortune nor future teller. This detailed reading will be heARTfully done with the intention of giving you some creative support and prompts to consider. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to this heARTmaking time with you!

Testimonial from C.

“I have been sitting with the three cards and the reading. First I would like to point out the first card you pulled..I was so struck with that card pulling. This first reading really resonated with me and it is always good to have this constant reminder…I do not stand for me like I should… but the card that hit me the hardest …was the false buddha…I read it last night…I went to bed and with fresh eyes…it still tugs at my heart…I have been trying to hold space…it is a fight within my soul. And the seasons card…I might have smiled at this one because … the seasons song is one I sing often. But deeper than that, I felt an instant pull to this third card. To this lovely beauty. I can see myself in her…and I can see the work I need to still be doing. This reading really spoke to me…thank you…”


The following is a SAMPLE of another Reading PDF so you know approximately what to expect:

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