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Grief + Creativity Prompts, Vol. III (ebook)


In this *third* collection of grief + creativity prompts, you are offered various ideas for how to externalize and explore your personal grief experiences, and this Vol. III includes worksheets like:

  • Just sit with it
  • Countdown
  • A cave upon the sea
  • Trusting process
  • The sound of mourning
  • and more

Each section of the workbook guides you through the prompt idea, gives one person’s example of one possible way to go with the idea, and then prompts you to explore in your own unique way about your own unique experience of grief.

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These tools are offered for personal use only, so if you are looking to license these tools to use commercially in groups or trainings, please contact me. Otherwise, you are invited to explore your personal grief and life experiences creatively with these prompts. Please do not forward your copy to others.

If you’d like a free sample of one of our prompt worksheets to get a peek at what a collection like this looks like, go to our Freebies section which will get you a PDF of the prompt, Unpacking The Bag.

notebook, pen, phone, sunglasses and other items tumbling out of a bag with text that reads Unpacking Whatever Is In The Bag...

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