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Grief: Finding Our Way (ebook)


This eBook was originally published in 2006 as part of our KotaPress eWorkbooks and workshops and the ISBN on the inside cover reflects that publication. But this 2023 PDF release edition has been updated with a newer cover and revised Resources page at the end. The creative prompts explored in this volume were used as part of those original workshops and include the following:

  • Hold Only What Belongs To You
  • Lost Without A Map
  • The Details Are Written In Your Bones
  • Switching Hats
  • Voicing Story
  • Shadow Issues
  • Be Still
  • Layered Living
  • Day of the Dead
  • The Musical Influence
  • Nouns & Verbs
  • Witness The Animals
  • Mindfully Mundane
  • Consider Form
  • Let It Blossom

Each prompt offers creative suggestion, an idea how one person or another might use the prompt, and then encourages you to explore in your own unique way about your own unique experience of grief. These prompts came out of my own early days of grief after our son died, so many of the examples of how one person might use them include ideas for bereaved parents because that was my personal experience. But the prompts encourage you to explore creatively for whatever your particular grief circumstances might be.

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These tools are offered for personal use only, so if you are looking to license these tools to use commercially in groups or trainings, please contact me. Otherwise, you are invited to explore your personal grief and life experiences creatively with these prompts. Please do not forward your copy to others.

If you’d like a free sample of one of our prompt worksheets to get a peek at what a collection like this looks like, go to our Freebies section which will get you a PDF of the prompt, Unpacking The Bag.

notebook, pen, phone, sunglasses and other items tumbling out of a bag with text that reads Unpacking Whatever Is In The Bag...

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