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You Have Permission eWorkbook (ebook)


This eBook was created between 2003 and 2007 as a companion to the 1000 Permissions book and was originally published in 2010 as part of our KotaPress eWorkbooks and workshops and the ISBN on the inside cover reflects that publication. But this 2023 PDF release edition has been updated in various ways including updated prompts. The creative prompts explored in this volume were used as part of those original workshops which included 4 sessions that hosted 2 or 3 prompts per session. The prompts you get in this volume include:

  • Permission Slip
  • Open A New Doorway
  • Create Your Own Permissive Space
  • Interviewing your Resistances
  • Making your demons or shadow issues into myth
  • If I could STOP
  • Pulling your creative life from the void
  • Any Way vs. No Way
  • Asking for what you truly want
  • A decorative, tiny to-do list
  • Responsibility vs. Response-Ability
  • Multitude of choices
  • plus a resource page

The series of these prompts was created as part of the creation of the 1000 Permissions book that was also published in 2010. From 2003 to 2007, as part of my own coaching certification process, I was exploring the ideas of permission slips and how a sense of permission might liberate or hinder us as we try to progress in our lived experience of grief. As I made my own slips and explored my own sense of liberation, I shared with others online and also coaching clients. Others shared their experiences with permissions slips with me, and some even gave permission for what they created to be shared in the 1000 Permissions book. So in 2010 when the 1000 Permissions was published, we also launched a companion workshop that used this workbook. This eBook was used back in the day with a full workshop of guided meditation and group work, but has been adapted here for you to use it on-demand and self-paced to explore whatever the details of your own loss and grief experience might be just now.

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These tools are offered for personal use only, so if you are looking to license these tools to use commercially in groups or trainings, please contact me. Otherwise, you are invited to explore your personal grief and life experiences creatively with these prompts. Please do not forward your copy to others.

If you’d like a free sample of one of our prompt worksheets to get a peek at what a collection like this looks like, go to our Freebies section which will get you a PDF of the prompt, Unpacking The Bag.

notebook, pen, phone, sunglasses and other items tumbling out of a bag with text that reads Unpacking Whatever Is In The Bag...

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