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CV + Experience


My work is more heART-making than art making.

My experience includes:

● Carnegie Mellon University double degree in Literary + Cultural Theory and Creative Writing with an emphasis on poetics plus minor in Early Childhood Education from Chatham College

● 3 Years interning with MISTER ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD

● Over 20 years of practice + RMT certification + Appreciative Inquiry and Whole Systems Coaching certification with the HERO’S JOURNEY as key model

● Level III Narrative Therapy Training with Stephen Madigan and David Nylund

● Enduring the deaths of three children and learning to live my own life in the face of grief and loss while co-parenting to raise our living children and enjoying every second of being a grandparent now

● Co-founding both KotaPress and The Creative Grief Studio

● 25+ years of writing + artwork publication and shows

● Authoring books including Mrs. Duck + the Woman, Flash of Life, 1,000 Permissions Granted, Woodmont Ave, and more.

# of books I've written

# of years worked at Mister Rogers Neighborhood

# of different shades of acrylic paint I have in my studio at the moment


approx % of time my submissions fail to be accepted for publication or exhibition


   Full CV + more than you could ever want to know

         (I keep this here to keep track for myself…I won’t be offended if you just skip on by this part!)

Radio / TV

  • Featured Guest, Brain Matters, WVUA Radio, Season 09, Episode 09: Grief And Creativity, Nov 29, 2022. Transcript here.
  • Featured Guest, SYC Spark Your Creative Coaching, Spring 2022, Episode 44: Creativity And Dealing With Grief, podcast and webcast.
  • Featured Speaker, From Mourning To Meaning, Summer 2021, Grief+Creativity Exploration, Online Summit.
  • Featured Speaker, Vashon Island Time Exchange, Fall 2020, Tending Your Grieving HeART Thru Creativity, Online Teach-In.
  • Featured Guest, Leadership After Loss hosted by Nathania Stambouli, Spring 2020, Episode 15: The Ripple Effect of Grief + Creativity, Online Summit / Podcast
  • Featured Guest, i am safe, Summer 2019, Season 1 episode 2: The healing power of creativity, Podcast
  • Featured Guest, Real Talk Radio, April 2019, Season 20 episode: on Grief, Creativity, and Giving Yourself Permission to Feel, Podcast
  • Featured Guest, To Grieve, August 2018, episode 5: Creative Grief Practice: grief + creativity + social justice, Podcast
  • Featured Guest, Dougy Center’s Grief Out Loud, May 2018, episode 80: We Can’t Know Everything…Staying Curious, Podcast
  • Featured Guest, The Creative Giant, April 28, 2017, episode 139, Podcast
  • Featured Guest, Good Grief w Cheryl Jones, July 29, 2015 episode, Voice America
  • Featured Guest, Holistic Creative Chats, May 2015 episode, with Hali at Spectrum
  • Featured Guest, Healing Grief Summit 101, November 2014, click here for MP3 of full interview.
  • Featured Guest, Transformation Talks with Alana Sheeren, August 2013
  • Featured Guest, Mystic Musings with Joan Newcomb, July 31, 2013 episode
  • Featured Guest, Creative Living with Jamie Ridler: October 26, 2010 episode
  • Author Interview, Permission Book Featured on Selling Books Blog: Your guide to writing, publishing and marketing books and ebooks, August 2010
  • Featured Guest, Chatting About 1,000 Permissions Granted (MP3), with host Joan Newcomb on Adventures In Density & Effort, radio show, July 2010 episode
  • Real Meaning of Mothers Day, Getting Creative when you are a Bereaved Mother on Mothers Day, a chat with Tiffany Windsor on FaveCrafts Radio, May 2010 episode
  • Friendship Celebration Guest, a chat with Kathryn Antyr aka Collage Diva at True North Arts, April 2010 episode
  • Featured Guest, Grief & Creativity (MP3), with host Rev. Joan Newcomb on Adventures In Density & Effort, radio show, Holiday Show, December 2009 episode
  • Featured Guest, Stillbirth & Flash Of Life, with host Megan Suyks on NPR’s The Human Condition, 2001

Additional Books

  • This Kind of Grief, pg. 31, Grief Dialogues: the book, ed. Elizabeth Coplan, 2018
  • Seeing Through III (artwork), pg. 17, Light: a journal of photography & poetry, Issue 7: Neglected, ed. Jennifer Drucker, Summer 2018
  • “Can we address grief before we jump to healing?” (chapter) pgs. 61-68, Living with Grief: 36 Lessons from Life, ed. David Pierce, Friends Along The Road (FAR), May 2018
  • Snap Of Pieces (artwork), pg. 114, Tishman Review, Issue 1, Vol. 4, ed. Maura Snell, January 2018
  • Nostalgia That Was Never Mine (artwork), Bateau Lit Mag, Issue 7.1, ed. Dan Mahoney, Bateau Press, October 2017
  • Goddess and Gremlin haiku, Haiku Journal, issue 50, team editors, e-version published March 2017, paperback version Spring / Summer 2017
  • Sip Tea With Dreams heART-work, A Path To Connection, ed. Heather Plett, August 2014
  • “But Why Do You Continue?” chapter, The Speaker Anthology, Vol 1: 101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast, eds. Kent Gustavson and Sally Sheilds, Blooming Twig Books, released July 2011
  • “Daily Reminders” and “Tanka Train of Lessons 101,” Nerve 6, La Fovea, invitation only, Summer 2011
  • Cover Art, MISSing Ingredients Cookbook, ed. Kathy Sandler, MISS Foundation, Spring 2010
  • Creation @ Dutch Treats, co-authored with Dana Gerringer, “Sinatra…but buddy, I’m kind of a poet” Anthology, ed. Gilbert L. Gigliotti, Entasis Press, 2008
  • Excerpt “Saturn Returns” from The Good Wife included in Passing Anthology from PoetWorks Press, ed. Bonnie Sutterby, Rienzi, MS, published Spring 2006
  • Grief: Finding Our Way, workbook, Kara L.C. Jones author; KotaPress 2006
  • Ephemera: Mother Henna, Books One and Two, Kara L.C. Jones, artists & ed.; KotaPress 2006
  • Excerpts of Flash Of Life and “Grace” series used in the book Grief Journey by Katie Hodge, Dancing Peanut Productions, published Fall 2004
  • Flash Of Life, 2nd Edition, Kara L.C. Jones author; Mindy Schuller, photographer; Hawk Jones designer; KotaPress, June 2002
  • Essay “Healing on the Internet,” Real People Real Stories, Suite 101 Inc., 2001
  • Poetry Excerpts “For Piaf,” “Bullet Proof,” and “Pocket Full of Poetry,” included in double-sided book Labyrinth/Portico, ed. Shelley Tucker, Kotapress, 2000
  • Tanka Excerpt from “Father Son Holy Ghost”, American Tanka, ed. Laura Maffei, Issue 8, Spring 2000
  • Father Son Holy Ghost, Kara L.C. Jones author; Hawk Jones designer; KotaPress, 2000
  • Mrs. Duck and The Woman, Kara L.C. Jones author & photographer, Hawk Jones designer, KotaPress, 1999 (English), 2004 (Spanish)
  • Poetry Excerpts “My Husband Sighs” and “First Day Back” from Flash of Life included in book Old Growth, ed. Shelley Tucker, Austen Press, 1999
  • Poetry Excerpt “A Story of Faith” from Flash of Life included in book Dreamscape, ed. Shelley Tucker, Austen Press, 1999
  • Tanka Excerpt from “Che-WA”, American Tanka, ed. Laura Maffei, Issue 6, Spring 1999
  • Che-WA, Kara L.C. Jones author and artist, ed. CJ Horn, CJInk, 1999
  • Alter Egos, Kara L. Chipoletti, Senior Thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, ed. Prof. Kristina Straub, Spring 1995

Blog Feature / Guest

  • “ExtraNESS,” Today Is Leap Day issue, Jesse Paris Smith Substack, Feb 29, 2024.
  • Grief + Capitalism,” Inviting Abundance, Grief Snapshot in the eNewsletter and full Guest Post Blog, Editors Joanne Zerdy and Will Daddario, March 2023.
  • “Grief Literacy – Start With Yourself,” Vashon Island blog companion to the print edition of The Loop, Grief+Creativity Column, Health Matters category, Editor Jane Valencia, February 2023.
  • “Meeting Grief,” Vashon Island blog companion to the print edition of The Loop, Grief+Creativity Column, Health Matters category, Editor Jane Valencia, October 2022.
  • Untitled (written work) + Performative Mission (toy cam photo), featured, August 2017, Anti-Heroin Chic, ed. James Diaz
  • Grief: misunderstood and re-visioned, featured, August 2017, Elegy: an open project on death and dying, ed. Valerie Grove
  • Keeping Your Inspiration… Creative Everyday…, Standing Still Magazine, Guest Post, July 21, 2016
  • A Mother’s Grief, featured artist, October 28, 2014, Un-Sent: an art journal showcase, ed. Effy Wild
  • The Space We Live In, guest blogger, May 24, 2013, The Respite
  • Body Map: a creative prompt, create. heal. inspire., feature for International Creativity Month Series, January 5, 2012, Faces of Loss Faces of Hope
  • Bullet Jizo, featured artist entry – photography, August 2, 2011, still life 365
  • Giving Birth to a Stillborn Child: sharing the Womb Book, December 8, 2010, Craft For Health: creating handmade health
  • Do You Give Yourself Permission To Play, November 19, 2010, Inspired Girl and LifeGloss
  • Grief & Creativity Blog Chat, featured panelist, June 6, 2010, still life 365
  • Artist Feature: I am heARTist, May 10, 2010, Art Is Moving: a place to dialog about art
  • Feature: Author Interview, Spring 2010, Selling Books: your guide to writing, publishing, and marketing
  • Do You Know the History and Meaning of Mothers Day?, April 2010, FaveCraftsBlog
  • The Womb Book + new short film about process of making this book, April 2010, still life 365
  • Featured Artist and Swap Host: Interview with Kara of Mother Henna, April 2010, SwapDex
  • Artist Feature: Mother Henna Interview, posted Monday, March 29, 2010, on blog at Violette.ca
  • Artist to Artist Feature: grief & creativity, February 2010, still life 365
  • Capricorn Moon Artist Feature, January 2010, Soul Reader
  • The After Life, Winter 2010, still life 365
  • *8 Creative Approaches to Grief During the Holidaze, Fall 2009, Magpie/BlogHer
  • a film about “this is not a book”, Fall 2009, Keri Smith’s Wish Jar
  • How-To Do a Tape Transfer, Spring 2009, Tip Junkie Tutorials
  • Womb Book, Spring 2009, Beauty In the Breakdown
  • 1,000 Faces of Mother Henna, Winter 2009, Diane Clancy’s Art Blog
  • Of Magie & Faith, Fall 2008, BlogOlympics at Glow in the Woods
  • Braincase: Sugar Skull, Fall 2007, Skull-A-Day

Magazine / News

  • The Loop, Vashon Island, Print Newspaper, Grief+Creativity Column, featured in Health Matters, Editor Jane Valencia, “Grief Literacy – Start With Yourself,” appears in Vol.20, Issue 2, Feb 2023.
  • The Loop (relaunced 2022), Vashon Island, Print Newspaper, Grief+Creativity Column, featured in Health Matters, Editor Jane Valencia, “Meeting Grief,” appears in Vol.19, Issue 3, Nov 2022.
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), Parent Newsletter, Creative Column (11 articles) being featured for the 2014 year, founder + curator Cheryl Haggard, Vol. 2, 2014
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS), Parent Newsletter, featured article, “Perspectives,” founder + curator Cheryl Haggard, Vol. 2, Issue 10, January 2014
  • The Arts, “Birth Issue,” featured artwork “The Womb Book,” ed. Vivi Sojorhn, December 2013
  • Raising Arizona Kids, “Expressions of Grief,” by Mary Ann Bashaw, November 2011
  • Grief & Creativity Prompt: a tea party with grief, P.S. Newsletter, Summer 2011, Volume 32, Issue 8
  • The Compassionate Friends, “Can’t You Get Over It?” from SW Dallas County Chapter, Volume 9, Issue 7, July 2011
  • Babies Remembered: The Healing Arts Issue, “Sometimes Small is All I Can Handle” and “Making Myth of Our Resistances,” from Wintergreen Press, Volume III, Issue 2, #10, April/May/June 2011
  • Raising Arizona Kids, “Comfort Food,” by Mary Ann Bashaw (cover art featured is mixed media piece from 1,000 Faces of Mother Henna project), November 2010
  • LifeGloss: Sparkle For Your Soul, “Daily Play: Giving Yourself Permission,” from Inspirista, November 18, 2010
  • Women’s Day, interviewed for “How connected are you,” by Sally Stich, November 1, 2010
  • Redbook, “Home is where you make it,” Body & Mind, p. 106, July 2010
  • Shrines As Healing Ritual: a creative prompt, P.S. Newsletter, March/April 2010
  • Artistic Expression Eases Grief, Pittsburgh Tribune/Valley News Dispatch, by Mary Ann Thomas, February 28, 2010
  • Dictionary of Loss + Appreciation During Holidays, Babies Remembered Magazine, Holidays Issue 2009
  • Essence, “Gift Wrap Your Time,” p. 170, holiday issue, Decmeber 2009
  • Inviting Scary To Tea: a creative prompt, P.S. Newsletter, September/October 2009
  • Redbook, “Your Inner Life: 5 things to be happy about right now,” p. 55, August 2009
  • A Small Victory, ed. Liz Allen, article “Coping with Holidaze,” Winter 2008
  • TCF Atlanta, ed. Jayne Newton, article “Everyday Memories: exploring ritual,” Autumn 2008
  • Art Doll Quarterly, Stampington & Co., “The Pink Artists Doll,” p. 50, contributed two squares and commentary on henna as alternative to wig during chemo hair loss, Autumn 2008
  • Breaking the Gender Barrier in Grief, MISSing Angels Newsletter, March/April 2008
  • Hearts & Wings, ed. Jan Liddell, article “One Dies, One Survives: Part II,” Winter 2007
  • Theory vs. Experience, MISSing Angels Newsletter, May/June 2007
  • Henna Healing Series, NW Ticket, 2004-2005
  • For the Holiday, Remember, Beachcomber’s It Takes An Island series, December 2004
  • Review of Flash of Life, Grief and Renewal, Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy. D., griefandrenewal.com, October 2002
  • Poet’s Shampoo, cover art for Shampoo Literary Journal, issue #14, October 2002
  • Coping With the Loss of Child, MISSing Angels Newsletter, March/April 2001
  • Still Trafficking in Death, A Gathering of Angels Newsletter, February 2001
  • Review of Mrs. Duck & The Woman, BabyLoss Library, UK, February 2001
  • Review of Mrs. Duck & The Woman, Woman’s Guide to Self-Publishing Newsletter, First Quarter 2000
  • Help For Those Coping with Loss, The Seattle Times, Scene Section, Thursday, January 27, 2000
  • Review of Mrs. Duck & The Woman, Seattle’s Child, United Parenting Publications, January 2000


(*solo shows)

  • *Little BEings, The DOVE Project, Vashon WA, September 2019
  • Creative Approaches To Grief Experiences, Group Show, Part of the Vashon Conversations for the Living on Dying, Co-curator, Heron’s Nest / Two Wall Gallery, Vashon WA, March 2017
  • Day of the Dead, Group Show, Co-curator, VIA Gallery, Vashon WA, October 2014
  • Jizo and other Figures, Heron’s Nest Gallery, Vashon WA, July 2014
  • *Tangibles of the Intangible, VIA Gallery, Vashon, WA, April 2014
  • Betrayal, Inside-Outside exhibit, Valise, Vashon, WA, May 2013
  • Mother & Child, Day of the Dead exhibit, included on the Short Lives, Eternal Impact ofrenda, Longmont Museum & Cultural Center, Longmont, CO, October 5 – November 4, 2012
  • Paper Doll GRRRRLS, “five.” exhibit, Mulberry Art Studio, Lancaster, PA, January 2012
  • Continuing The Hero’s Journey: Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn NY, 2012 (Now is in permanent library at The Sketchbook Project: #S70545, Project: SBP: LE, 180.6-3)
  • Handmade Deco’d Sugar Skulls, Day of the Dead Collaborative Show, Cafe Luna Vashon, October 2010
  • *Poster Exhibit, Excerpt of 1,000 Permissions Granted, creative permission slips, Vashon Bookshop, July 2010
  • Kabuki I, Mixed Media, 16×20 canvas, All-Island Art Show, Valise Gallery, July 2010
  • Handmade Mixed Media ATCs, Art in Hand 2: Artist Trading Cards, The Historic Smithville Mansion Annex Art Gallery, Curated by Lynn Lemyre, Burlington County Division of Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Eastampton, NJ, April 2010
  • Danger Danger: Sketchbook Project, Volume 4, Art House Coop, Brooklyn NY, 2009 (Finished sketchbook was included in national tour and now is in permanent library at The Sketchbook Project: #12499, Project: SBP 2010, Catalogued — 055.6-4)
  • Handmade Mixed Media ATCs, RAG 4th Annual Artist Trading Card Exhibit, September – October 2009
  • *The GRRRRRRLS exhibit, mixed media, Cafe Luna Gallery, August 2009
  • Hand-carved stamp, proof print ATCs for Art in Hand: The World of Artist Trading Cards, The Historic Smithville Mansion Annex Art Gallery, Curated by Lynn Lemyre, Burlington County Division of Cultural Affairs & Tourism, Eastampton, NJ, April 2009
  • 1,000 Faces excerpt exhibit during “A Peace of…Vashon” show, Café Luna, November 2008
  • 1,000 Faces excerpt exhibit during Mekosun GURU show, Mekosun Loft, August 2007
  • CreativiTEA: tea themed art; joint show with illustrator Lynndee Lebeau, Vashon Tea Shop for Island Art Tour, May 2007
  • Photography & Henna Art, Mekosun Gallery show at Hengst Studios, February 2006
  • Photo Study of The Womb Book, contributing artist to The Secret Club Project, internationally traveling exhibit, curator Laura Seftel, 2005
  • *Henna Arts: More Henna Off the Bod’, showcasing henna and henna style art on wood, canvas, paper, and photography, Natali Clinic Gallery, May 2005
  • *Henna Arts: Off the Bod’, a show of henna on wood, paper, cloth, and in photography, Café Luna Gallery, February 2005
  • Henna Hands (original designs collaboration with Hawk Jones presented for his show), Café Luna Gallery, July 2004
  • Wombs (mixed media, handmade books), VAA show “Women’s Bodies Violence & Healing,” February 2003

Workshops / Presentations

  • The Creative Grief Studio, Certification In Creative Grief Support, Teaching Team, 2012 to Present, Virtual Continuing Education
  • National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club, JDEI Series, Grief, A Creative Grief Experiential, Winter 2024, Virtual Continuing Education
  • Women Hold The Key WE Sessions, A Creative Grief Experience, Spring 2023, Vashon, WA (online)
  • Vashon Resilience, Tend Your Grieving HeART Through Creativity, Winter 2021, Vashon, WA (online)
  • The Creative Grief Studio, Self-care: retreat, Spring 2016, Pittsburgh, PA
  • ADEC Annual Conference, Fiction and grief, panel discussion, Spring 2016, Minneapolis, MN
  • Ignition Talk on Grief + Creativity, Spring 2015, Crossroads Conference Presentation, see video above, Pittsburgh, PA
  • A Salon Discussion on Grief + Creativity, Spring 2015, Crossroads Conference, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Creative Grief EducationFall 2012, Conference workshop, Co-facilitated with Cath Duncan, Phoenix, AZ
  • The Hero’s Journey, Summer 2011, The Leading Clinic, Vashon Island, WA
  • The Story of KOTA: Knowing Ourselves Thru Art, Summer 2010, Vashon Bookshop, Vashon Island, WA
  • Grief & Creativity KeynoteSpring 2010, SHARE Annual Auction & Dinner, Lancaster, PA
  • Woodmont Ave: Grief & Creativity thru the Generations, Spring 2010, Mills Mall Borders, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Using Poetry to Document the Grief Experience Winter 2010, University of WA, Tacoma Campus, seminar, Prof. Rich Furman
  • Grief & Creativity Workshop Fall 2009, for LIOS first year students, half-day module with Prof. Alex Onno
  • Hero’s Journey & Losing Layla: personal retreat & professional training, Summer 2009, three day workshop & training for bereaved parents and those who care for them
  • heART of the Hero, online small group session, 2009
  • Getting to the heART of it, online small group session, 2009
  • Poetry UNslam, MISS conference workshop, 2006 & 2008
  • Grief: Finding Our Way, MISS conference workshop, 2007 & 2008
  • Writing to Heal the Heart, MISS conference workshop, 2006
  • Exploring with heART, MISS conference workshop, 2006
  • Grief & Ritual with facilitated screening of Losing Layla, Summer 2006, WA State MISS Chapter Retreat
  • Give Sorrow Words; and Poetry As Healing Art, MISS conference workshop, 2004 and 2005
  • Expanding Poetry, 2002 and 2004 WA State Poet’s Association and Burning Word Fest
  • Stillbirth: Giving Birth to Death, 2001, feature spot on NPR’s “The Human Condition” hosted by Megan Sukys


Blog Collaborations

Artist Collaborations

  • Creative Approaches To Grief Experiences, group exhibit, 2017
  • DotD, group exhibit, 2014
  • Handmade heART swap, 2014
  • DotD, fine handmade art, 2013
  • heART Swap, 2010
  • Handmade Holiday heART, Gift Exchange, 2009
  • DotD, fine handmade art, free photo book, 2009
  • heART of the Hero/Shadow, Graphic Novel, 2009
  • heART Cards, 2009
  • Inspiration Deck, 2008

Professional Life

  • Co-founded The Creative Grief Studio in partnership with Cath Duncan, 2011 to present
  • Founded Grief + Creativity (formerly MotherHenna/Henna Healing), 2003 to present
  • Co-founded KotaPress in partnership with Hawk Jones, 1999 to present
  • Creative Consultant with the MISS Foundation, 1999 to 2012

Foundational education

  • Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, Level III Narrative Therapy Training with Stephen Madigan and David Nylund, 2013
  • Proaction Associates, Coaching Certification, Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ with Hero’s Journey as Key Model, 2007 – 2010
  • Vashon Island Reiki, Master-Teacher Training and Certification, 2003 – 2007
  • Language and Production Internship, Family Communications, Inc + Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Under Mentorship of Fred Rogers, Hedda Sharapan, and David Newell, 1992 – 1995
  • Carnegie Mellon University, BA, Literary and Cultural Studies w double major in Creative Writing, 1992 – 1995
  • Chatham University, Minor, Early Childhood Development, 1992 – 1995

Continuing Education

  • The Alternative Art School, 2022
  • Radical Teaching Conference, 2022
  • Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching, 2022
  • Community Forum on Collective Grieving, 2021
  • Collective Trauma Summit, 2020
  • Black Wisdom Online Summit, 2019
  • Trust Black Women Webinar with Desiree Adaway and Marisol Jiménez, 2019
  • SURJ Training With Angela Davis, 2019
  • How to Run a Transformational Business While the World is Burning w Andréa Ranae, 2018
  • White Supremacy Culture with SURJ / Tema Okun of dRworks, 2018
  • How White Supremacy Manifests In Organizations with The Adaway Group, 2018
  • Centering Intersectional Feminism with SURJ / Leah Jo Carnine and Jes Kelley, 2018
  • Interrupting Racism: Our Role and Responsibility as White Allies with Dr. Kathy Obear, 2018
  • Healing Trauma Series: Training for Coaches, Healers, and Mind/Body Practitioners w Irene Lyons, 2017
  • Getting Free From Internalized Oppression w Cameron Airen + Andréa Ranae of Whole / Self Liberation, 2017
  • How to Bring Activism Into Your Everyday Life w Cameron Airen + Andréa Ranae of Whole / Self Liberation, 2017
  • Shaping BRAVE SPACE w Micky ScottBey Jones / Auburn Seminary, 2017
  • Highly Sensitive People, Empathy, and Synesthesia w Tamra Excell and Luna Lindsey of CMASAS, 2017
  • Radical Dharma Intensive Activist Training w Rev. angel Kyodo williams, sponsored by stand.earth, 2017
  • SURJ digi Activist Training, Prep for hosting #FREEDOMNOW webinar on “Keeping Actions Accessible: holding up those who are in the struggle but can’t be in the street”, 2016
  • ADEC 2016 Annual Conference, Death Education, 2016
  • VerbTribe: Creating A Sustainable Writing Practice, Level I w Patti Digh, 2014
  • Yoga Methods, Medicine Buddha Reiki Certification, 2003
  • Write From the Source, Poetry Expression w Shelley Tucker, Seattle, WA, 1998 – 2000

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