What I Do

I help my fellow humans who are having grief experiences to creatively explore so they can figure out how to live full lives in the face of said grief. Don’t worry if you are thinking, “But I’m not an artist.” This work is more about heARTmaking than artmaking!

My Philosophy

There is no prescrition for grief. There is no universal method for approaching our grief experiences. Grief is not a sickness to be healed. You are not broken because you experience grief. Rather we are all human and mortal. Grief comes as a natural part of being alive. People we love die. Things we cherish are lost. Animals who companion us die. Loss is part of being willing to LOVE. So lets be creative in our skills for experiencing both love and loss.

My Methods

In my 20 years of experience doing grief + creativity outreach and support, I’ve found that every single person is different and having experiences that are a unique mix of their loss circumstances, personality, education, race, class, gender identification, geographic location, and more. So just as I feel there is no, one, single prescription nor approach to grief experiences, I also feel there is no universal method for creatively exploring either. My offerings combine education and experientials so that you can find what works for you rather than being prescribed something that turns out to be meaningless to you and your life.

My Goals

Through the heARTwork we do together, I hope to bring people to spaces where they discover and rediscover their own agency and resilence even when grief comes. My best hope for us all is to learn intimately that our self- and community-care are tied together. We are not alone when we love. And we are not alone when we lose and grieve. *You* are not alone.

Are you personally grieving?

In small group classes, I offer space for you to personally explore your relationship to your grief experiences. My hope for every participant is that they come away exploring creatively in ways that go beyond the limitations of universal methods such as stages or tasks. Through a variety of malleable creative approaches, I hope you will see that creativity is yours for the taking to make or re-make meaning and agency in your life to live heART-fully in the face of grief.

Are you a helping professional?

While I can work with you over at the Creative Grief Studio through their Certification program, I am also available to you here via Professional Mentorship. Here you will have opportunities to get unstuck in your creative practice by maintaining and enhancing your skills; exercising your resiliency and resourcefulness; tapping into innovative ideas to get beyond the limitation of "stages" and "closure." Learn to use experiential, personal development to fuel your professional growth.

Want heART-full resources?

Looking for more resources to understand how grief + creativity partner to help support both the individual and relational experiences we have with grief? No problem! I've got lots of resources custom made for you via articles, books, art, and our Grief+Creativity Podcast. In all the resources, I do the best I can to share some of my personal / professional experience + ideas on how you might apply various creative tools to your life + work.

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